2001-10-13 01:32:04 (UTC)


Continued from previous entry THE MEETING, 09-24-01

He was an only child. Both parents died when he was quite
young, his mother giving birth to him, his father sometime
around his eighth year or so. He was raised by a guardian.
He had inherited a trust fund and had never really worked
over any period of time. Although he didn't tell me
specifically at the time, during World War I, at age
sixteen, he joined the Canadian army, became a pilot, and
fought in Europe. He was aware that may thousands of young
men were dying on the ground beneath him, plummeted to
death by artillery shells, gassed, and rotting to death in
the trenches, but it wasn't until his own best friend died
in front of his own eyes that he was shaken to his spine
with remorse and repugnance. Driven by an unquenchable
desire to find the accountability of life and not knowing
what to look for, he embarked on a ten year journey that
took him through Europe, China, Burma, and India in search
of an answer. After a series of events over several years
he found himself in the south of the Indian sub-continent
studying at the ashrama of a venerated Maharshi...all prior
to World War II and before most people had ever heard of
the word guru.

To be continued...

NOTE: For those who may have an interest, further writings
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