Visions Of Life
2001-10-13 00:28:45 (UTC)

Tales From The Dark Side Of My Mind..

The following poems are poems that I just now found in an
old journal.. Im guessing they were written in september or
october 2000 but am not sure... As always, these poems are
a reflection of my mindset and thoughts at that time and
not a suggestion of evil... Oh.. and these are also

A sliver binds me to Earth
A harness to life, to love
A security I want to break
I want to tumble down
Through endless trees
Reach up and find nothing, no one

A mended heart shatters
Held up tears flow
A shadow sits empty
No future is known
A blade in her hand
A hole in her mind
A pill in her throat
A love she once pined
He told her he cared
He claimed to be in love
He said he'd never leave her
Yet out the door he went
One heart is now two
Another shot, all is lost
She carves another slit
Blood, life is lost

Goodbye to a world
I'll surely not miss
Goodbye to the pain in my heart
Goodbye to a family
I cherished above all
Goodbye to a friend
I love more than words
Goodbye to the sunset
That darkens my day
Goodbye to the clouds
Who furnish my rain
Goodbye Satan, Goodbye God
Goodbye tall trees in the park
Goodbye to the man
I once called my own
Goodbye to those who have hurt me
Goodbye to my knife
Goodbye to my pills
I'm lost but no longer need comfort
Goodbye to my shadow
Goodbye to my soul
I'm gone. Goodbye to me

(hmm.. kinda like a morbid version of the goodnight moon