Absolute Mayhem
2001-10-13 00:21:14 (UTC)


im kinda pissed of right now. ive cooled down ALOT. i
didnt get to go to the football game tonite, the last of
the season that i can go to. i was supposed to stay at
jackie's too..but that didnt happen. i tired to call allie
back but no one answered. yeah. adam and i are still
together...but...i dunno. i mean its reallllly reallllly
nice when we are together alone, but like when we are with
others..he's still the same. but i just kinda miss having
him as a best friend. i dunno.. and i think he might be
having the same thoughts....i was going to talk to him
about it tonite at the football game and he called to see
if i wanted a ride to and from..but my ass hole of a dad
said i still couldnt go. anyway. i get the impression
sometimes...that adam might like claire a little at the
same time as liking me. last nite he said he needed to talk
to me...but im pretty sure its not the end of us together
though because he's the kind of guy who will always try to
work things out and talk them over. afterall...thats how we
came to be an item.... anyway. i want to see what he thinks
before i do anything rushed. im out. lata dayz