Life is like a bowl of Cherries
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2001-10-12 23:55:20 (UTC)

jofdjfl :

Whoo.. so today I got back from South Carolina. Grr, We
left early so we could stop and haver a good breakfast, I
woke up around 6, we had been on the road for about 2
hours, and I'm like "Where are we?" my grandma laughs and
says "Welcome to Augusta, Georgia!" I'm thinkin: what?!?
We had missed a turn back in South Carolina and we had gone
83 miles out of the way. Man oh man, I thought we'd never
get home... of course I couldn't get back to sleep. So I've
been up since 6 am, AND I was trapped in this van for a too
long. It was nice though, real souped up, we had tons of
room, I think it was bigger than my bedroom, haha. no joke.
Mmkay, so that was just this morning.

My grandmother is a NUT! She's absolutely crazy! She's like
65 years old, which isn't really THAT old, but still. She'd
race us to the car "last one there is a rotten pickle!" She
accused this army guy of buying porn. Haha, I never EVER
thought I'd hear my grandma say porn. She just has that
odd since of humor. We played "road kill" which is
like "silo" except with road kill. She started counting the
missing hubcaps on passing cars. THere were 133 missing
hubcaps in Tennessee alone. She can't hear, so she is
really loud, and she can sing about as well as I can, haha,
and she sang all through North Carolina an improvised song
about how it took us 5 hours to get out of South Carolina.
Ultimate story about grams: We're sitting in these
bleachers: top row. For my brothers military basic training
graduation, we're at the end and she wants down, she's
screaming something about depends, lol, well she grabs onto
the bar, and swings way out, then drops like 10 feet.
Everyone is like "whoa are you okay" and shes like "what
are you lookin at" it was so funny.

Well, It was good to see my brother Aaron again, he has
lost a lot of weight, it was fun, I'll have pictures back
soon if ya wanna see :) lol, course no one reads this so I
don't guess it matters. :)


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