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2001-10-12 23:25:37 (UTC)


Yes, it is a Friday night, and yes, I am sitting at home,
growing mind-numbingly bored. I've got the SAT tomorrow,
bright and early. I took it already this spring, and my
score was ok, but not great, and I had a 100 difference
between math and verbal (630/730), so I signed up to take
it again, but at this point I dont care terribly much. But
since I'm a competitive person, I'll still try. So, I'll
get a good night's sleep (for once) and I'm drinking a ton
of water, and listening to classical music (isn't it
baroque music that's supposed to increse mathematical
ability?) However, I don't think I'm going to do terribly
well, and it's probably going to be a big waste of time.
It would be nice to just skip it, but parents aren't going
for that one. I'm actually kind of nervous. This is a
test that gives you a number by which your intelligence is
ranked for years to come. What if I don't like the results?

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