your face won't stay like that
2001-10-12 23:20:47 (UTC)

the oatmeal aura is disappating and i am am hopelessly in love

Well things are still a little tense from the unforgettable
oatmeal incident but better than they were. mom and dad
are seriously looking at me going to a high school in
another country for my senior year. that would be so cool
i can't wait!!! if they don't bail on me. Other important
news. I'm in love. Seriously the real deal. Ok so i only
saw him for the first time monday (five days ago) k maybe
i've never had a real conversation with him and he's a few
monthes younger but what does age matter. His name??? his
name is Ryan. Oh sweet Ryan. The wierd thing is every guy
i've ever liked has been named Ryan. This is so real
though. So i see him in the library after school on mon
and think he's pretty cute. Then i ask around and find out
the info on him. Sounds like a winner. Great guy, really
funny, doesn't do a lot of drugs or anything. So im
enchanted. Well he's friends w/ a friend so im like
pumping her (Micheala) for info on him. He's so good
looking and really funny. Well i've been hanging around in
the library after school where he hangs before soccer
practice. Today he was going to get a ride home w/
Micheala and i was w/ her. So i almost sat next to him in
the car except he ended up not needing a ride. What a
bummer. I almost freaked. When Mick was talking to him,
we were walking away from him and i looked over my sholder
and ran into the wall. the WALL!!!! for god's sake the
freaking wall!!!! it was so embrassing. he laughed. well
im really in love, i can't think about anything else. im
grinning all the time, i am devouted. How will i get
through the weekend w/o seeing him? I sound so pathetic, i