A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-10-12 23:06:49 (UTC)

Eyeballz, Cowbrainz, and my Best Budz~


Hey Journal..its me *JanE*. Well I think 2day has been a
little less boring than usual..but still NOT fun. I went 2
piano 2day and thats about the only time ive gotten off my
butt and done something constructive. Newayz..Most of my
friends arent Here. Cici (aka Eyeballz..cuz she eats pplz
eyeballz) is on AIM and im talking 2 her. shez a doofus.
lol Luv Ya Cici~! newayz..Glenn(aka Egg..cuz well..she is
just egg) is home bored like me..and i was posed 2 call her
back but i dont feel like it. Mandy isnt home..shez
spending her day with this annoying little 4th grader..we
call her *Purple*. Libby isnt on cuz she had 2 go with the
Pep Band 2 Statesville 4 2night's game. Green is gone 2 The
beach..what a lil poser. Ugh! LoL. Kyle's gone 2 the beach
2:(. I wanna go. everybody's gone. newayz..im going 2 go
finish watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

•¦•.£å è®.•¦•
(aka Cowbrainz..cuz I eat Cow's Brainz..lol CiCi)

144..and i dont care who knowz ne more~