jane doe

2001-10-12 22:46:23 (UTC)

bothers me

I will tell you what bothers me about children. They are
a pain in the ass. Dont get me wrong, i love mine but hell
they are annoying. Why is it that everything you have will
either be broken, or lost because of them? They can never
just leave your stuff alone..i swear. Many ppl say that
children act this way because of "poor discipline", that is
full of shit because i discipline my child and it helps
NONE. What do they expect me to do to them, beat them to
death? I think not.
Today mine has driven me mad. I clean house and clean
house.. picking up behind her all day. I dont know.. i am
just aggrivated, i told her that we had to make a deal..
she can only touch things that are hers and keep her hands
off my stuff. She said "okay mommy" as if i believe her.
Well enough about my kid..im gone now. Gonna go pull my
hair out if she isnt good.