keeping my hands in the air
2001-10-12 22:26:24 (UTC)

"Alright baby come on...."

well, tonite's our homecoming and i'm very excited. right
now, i'm watchin this girl become janet jackson (which is
why i have the title) and i'm thinking bout whether or not
i should do this one thing. well, i should prolly tell ya...

corey doesn't go to my school and i'm kinda thinkin bout
askin him to come to the game tonite and the dance
afterwards. i'm not sure tho cuz i'm real scared to and i'm
such a big wimp. but i would love to have him there w/ me.
spending time w/ him is just some of the best times in the
entire world. my bud wants me to invite one of my other guy
friends for her and i'm bout to call him up. but i dunno if
i should go on and ask corey bout coming tonite.
help...what should i do? i would really love to get some
advice bout this!!! :)