The Bass Player

Ravings of a Madman
2001-10-12 21:51:42 (UTC)

Friday the 12th...doesn't have as much scariness to it...

Well, I didn't have to go to school today. My professor
didn't pass around the attendance sheet so I could've
stayed home. Oh well, it's probably better I went. Stay
in school, kids. I've been talking to this girl for about
5 months now and I've had a crush on her since we met.
Lately, my crush has started to fade. And it's about time,
too. I was getting fed up with being blown off by her all
the time. You'd think I'd learn, but of course not. I'm
stupid like that. An educated idiot, if you will. She'd
always tell me she'd be able to do something on a certain
day and then tell me something came up or some bull. Time
to move on, which I should've done months ago. Haha..I
actually found a pic of her when she was in 6th grade.
Classic stuff. My crushes don't usually last this long,
but she's been in my thoughts a lot for some reason.
Stupid high schoolers...I can feel the inspiration for a
poem (I'm a poet, btw) dwelling inside, but I can't grasp
it properly. All in due time, I suppose. Can't ever
picture what I saw in her...

I don't know, I sometimes get depressed when I'm at home
because, well, I'm at home and there's nothing to do here.
Then, all of my friends are working meaning I'm stuck here
still. It bites. Hard. Great, my Instant Messenger just
went out on me. Stupid computer...At times I just want to
up and leave; never come back and never wonder who still
remembers my name. That would be nice. A fresh start. My
friends are always too busy anyways, and I could use a
break from the folks...and my siblings *incoherent
mumbling*. I guess that's all of my rantings for now. I
may do a supplemental later, so peace out.


Captain's log, supplemental. The pain in my arm is coming back. We
played football with a Nerf last night and it strained my arm pretty
badly. It's really sore now. It wasn't all that bad until now.
Well, I got my hair cut tonight. I don't like it all that much, but
everyone else says it looks fine. There was this cute girl up there
too. I didn't make a move because I wasn't sure of her age, but she
also said my hair looks fine..she also told me to hush when I was
complaining about it. Ahh..I feel so dead right now. My head hurts,
my body hurts, and I think I should eat something. I didn't get my
paycheck today, darn it. I was supposed to get it after work, but I
guess I'll just have to pick it up tomorrow before noon. If I don't,
I can't do anything this weekend. I need my money! Oh well...I
guess I'll just see what happens tomorrow. I wonder if Dan's still
up. Only one way to find out...

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