I am a goddess
2001-10-12 21:30:22 (UTC)

Positive thinking

I have set myself a goal. I ma going to lose weight and i
am going to do it for my 17 th birthday on november 23rd. I
have roughly 6 weeks to do this and i know it will be hard
but i am going to do by however means nessecary. I'm
starting on the 3 day diet again given to me by
blueangel :) to start me off and i'll go from there, i am
trying to stop throwing up but it is hard and i can't
promise anything. But i am trying. I really want to lose
weight though and i can't do it like ppl normally do, its
not possible.Well not for me. I can't promise i wil stop
but at least i am trying not to, but if i feel bloated i
will be sick otherwie i feel terrible. I feel so much
better when i do.
Well im gonna try. I'll keep you updated.
Luv Ya