2001-10-12 21:15:08 (UTC)

Ready or not..

I am just .. bored.. bordom the start of anything ..
nonchalant. I am just waiting for Sonic to call ..
i dont know.. what ever happend to believeing in something.
knowing that everything is going to be ok ?
i cant stand thinking .. it hurts my head to think . i
mean my thoughts are driving me insane. and no one .. no
one understands the depth of what i think . why is it that
people try to analyze poetry ! God.. read it .. what does
it say is how you intrept it.. like a painting you
cant ask the guy who painted 100 yrs ago what he was
thinking when he did it .. so damn .. let it go. go with
it,, become it .. make it your own .. thats what poetry is
soppose to do .. make the person whose reading feel
something.. doesnt matter what .. its soppose to move
you .. move .. move .. move DAMN IT! stupid ..

well .. what am i soppose to be feeling now? hmmmm
let me see ohh i m mad!!!!!!!! things that just totally
irrate the hell out of me.. its.. aaarrggggg damn rage~
but i cant do anything about how i feel .. or think .. life
is just that precarious.. nothing in life makes sence..
everything is as it should be.. you cant make ppl do what
you want .. i wish i could though .. i mean .. telepathy ..
cool ..
i like sci fi .. i mean .. ppl improving apound
their own design.. someday i would like to be the real
bionic woman .. hahah.. tough chica ..
i like to feel bad.. at least then i am feeling
something mostly i am trapped in this um blah mood where
nothing really .. is .. anything..
theres this place in my mind like a big black void... no
matter how much .. i try to exscape it .. its there .. the
void.. i also thought the void was pulling me that i was
drowing in my thought and feelings.. that one day i would
just dissapear another person vanished.. voidom .. but now
i am realising i m the void.. I M THE VOID.. so whats
left.. i mean .. nothing '
ok .. thinking to much .. i am
out .