A new story to tell
2001-10-12 21:05:33 (UTC)

Popular Persuasion: Home coming propaganda

Good achievements should merrit recognition. Good kids
should be given a chance to shine. It's that time of
year,yes, it's Homecoming Season. You know what that means,
good deserving kids are pushed aside, and those unworthy
varmints are suddenly in the spot light. They plaster
their names on signs, get the popular people to sponsor
them and voice who they're voting for, offer candy and
friendship in exchange for votes, and everybody is stangely
treating the outcasts nicely. The halls reek of a
popularity contest, and the candidates breath smells likes
beer. That's because they went out drinking with their cool
freinds. Everybody's giving a speech, the cool kids, the
captain of the football team. Gosh, they're all robotic
clones of one another. They're all cast to be alike. Could
they possibly grow just a tiny brain to insert into their
skull? Maybe then they could think on their own. It's all
so meaningless, yet it gets so much attention, so much
publicity. think aobut it for a second.... lets begin with
who and how gets nominated. Well, the fall sports teams get
to all talk amongst themselves and be influnced by the
coolest and most atletic clone, and then they get to write
down five names of girls [if they're a boy sports team such
as football] and five names of guys [ for the girls
volleyball team].Hmmmm.... so who do youthink gets
nominated? just another one of the gang, another
follower,another clone. There's no chance for individuals
who think for themselves. It's only for the friends to the
jocks, the follwers not the leaders, the comformists with
puddy brains that twist and bend into the perfect imaige of
popular. Ridiculous. Why doesn't the chorus get a vote? or
the band? or why don't we really see who best represents
the school by letting the actual vote be where every
students gets to write in whomever they want, not just to
make a selction from a list of names of phony people who
have been pressuring them with their propaganda. Vote for
me.... Vote so and so because she's slept with the entirew
football team.... Vote blah blah blah because she's
pretty.... vote for yada yada yada because he can throw a
football.Gosh. Does anybody else but me ever think aobut
what this whole event even symbolizes, and how lame and
ignorant it makes us all look? You win pretending to
something you're not, nice, friendly. You trick the pliable
underclassmen itto thinknig you care about them. It's all
popular persuasion.