2001-10-12 21:03:04 (UTC)

Green Eyes

Hello All u nice people who love me n my talkins about my
wonderful borin life!! Well i havent been on in a sorta
long time, n i think i need to write juz a tiny bit about
going ons n outs in my life that occurred...Well um lets c
Annge wuz here n wut not, we were nerds (like always)
Nuthin really amazerin of worth happened, well to me

Tom. i have tech at like 9, today the people that r
goin to be in lip sync were put up...Amandia got in, yipee
skippy, shes a kewli gurlee, My Mike also got in & his
Birthday wuz today. Hes the big 18 :) My big 18 is not
until like Mar. 19, so all u people that didnt know that n
r readin this u should get me a kewl present, i got mike
some tape w/paint on it n sum fabric (its the thought that
counts) Well i think i should be goin now

Cora Lee

Green Eyes

It's a great big world
There's a million other guys
I feel so lucky when I lookIn those green eyes
Is it the sun
That makes them so green
Those are the prettiest eyes
I have ever seen
Green eyes...What makes them sparkle
What makes them shine
What makes those eyes of yours
Look into mine