Squeeb's world
2001-10-12 20:56:22 (UTC)


Ok, I know the feeling that is next worst to being lonely-
being bored. Damn I hate being bored. Once again I am alone.
However I'm not lonely like I was the other day, I'm just
super-bored. At least I'll get some stuff accomplished. I
already did half of my genogram on the computer and arranged
for an interview for possible placement next semester. I do
need to study for three tests this weekend though. And do a
paper and my sports psych interview. No worries. K, my
underarms are itchy. Oh well I need to have my shower
tonight so they'll get shaved. I think maybe I'll curl up on
the couch and watch a good movie or something. Break out the
popcorn? I need a life. I really do. This is pathetic. It's
Friday night and guaranteed I'll be in my pjs by 7 o'clock,
doing homework and watching tv. In bed by 11. Oh man. Any
guesses on when I'll actually leave the apartment? Monday? I
don't even have to do my laundry on Sunday as per normal
because I did that yesterday. So technically I don't even
have to leave the apartment, let alone the building until
Monday. LOL, I can be an agoraphobic in training. K. I
really shouldn't make fun of people with problems. Hee hee
hee oops. When I'm the one with the problem anyways because
I am a LOSER! Well, I can at least listen to the Petes game
tonight. They're playing in Ottawa. We all know I detest
the 67s. The Petes creamed them the last time we played them
too so hooray! And ooh! remember last night how I said that
they were down 2-0, Currie being scored on on his first 2
shots? Well they came back and beat the Gennies 5-4 in OT.
Yeehah. That's a happy and a half. I have a damn tickle in
my throat. It's not funny. I keep coughing. Ok, I guess
it's somewhat amusing. I need to grow a life. I'm talking
about the tickle in my throat.
Ok, I'm done because basically this whole entry screams
"LOSER!" so I will go find something to do. Who knows? Maybe
I'll grow some friends tonight and actually do something.
Doubt it but a girl can dream, can't she?

Current mood: bored
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