Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-12 20:34:01 (UTC)

Nobody Cares About Me...

Today, as I was sitting in Spooner's SS class, I looked at
his picture wall and noticed a picture of one of our
volleyball teams (either orange, black, or gold). I
couldn't tell at first, but then I realized that it was MY
team WITHOUT me!!! Thanks for making me feel important. I
really must not have mattered at all, huh? Thank you,
Maggie and Tina. Grrr...
Nicole I.'s having a party tonight and about half of
grade's invited. Wonder which half *I* fall in?
(Obviously the uninvited section... even PAIGE didn't get
invited... now that's amazing!)
Band was okay today, except I don't have Jesus Is Just
Alright and Long Train Running routines memorized yet.
Oops!!! I MUST work on those this weekend, when I get off
my procrastinating ass, that is.
I'm going to get my hair cut in a few minutes. I'm so
happy! My hair's really been pissing me off lately... grr.
Grr... KARI O!!!!!!! I'm NOT anti-social, CHANDA!!!!!!!
Fuck you both.
Very good day, wouldn't you say?

"...beautiful to me..."

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