Silent Screams
2001-10-12 20:26:53 (UTC)

Gimme a reason

i need a reason. i need to know why i should hold on and
go through all this crap for da sake of "us". give me a
reason why i shouldn't just walk away and let go. how can
you want to be friends knowing dat ill be da one who's
everythings is being given all up? how can you say all
those things to me and still expect me to be friends right
after.How do u expect me to feel any hope or fate in us if
in the end, im the one gettin cut off. telling me all this
b.s. and expecting me to accept and smile in da end. you
have some nerve! i don't need your sympathy i don't need
you petty half ass attempts to work shit out. i dont' need
your promises and begging to things that you never follow
through. Sad to say, that the worst thing you've ever done
to me was tell me back the 3 words...because in the end of
it all...they were just words to you.