Jenns stuff
2001-10-12 20:16:33 (UTC)

My week. Don't get me mad or else.........


Jenn again this is what i did last week

Monday-- when i got to school i got into a fight wit one of
my friends and i told another girl off.

Tuesday-- That went ok but i got into another fight but
this was a fist fight and i kina got expled from school

Wednesday-- i stayed home where i wasn't allowed back in

Thursday-- i sleeped in tell 2:30. then i got up ate and
went down the road to find sumone]

Friday-- I finally camed down and hung out wit friends but
got into a nother fight and put a girl in Hospital. now i
am not allowed in the school tell next Friday and i have to
go to court. I don't want to go but i got to but if u go
thought what i am goin though than u will see when i did
what i did.

Another thing Me and My boyfriend broke up cause of the
bitch she broke us up but we got back to gether but than my
best friend broke us up and now she is goin wit him so i am
goin to kick her ass as well..