Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-12 19:33:23 (UTC)

I'll NEVER tell YOU !!!!!!

Hey everyone !
Sup ?! Not much here! Ok I have alot to say ! Ok the
other night steph talked to "red" and she told him she was
like really close to me and that I tell her like
everything ! and "red" opened his big mouth and said " I
don't think you know everything about her cause there is
stuff she told me like 3 months ago that she kept from me
for 5 years !!!! So I don't think you know her as well as
you think ! " and what I told him 3 months ago is a secret
I have kept from everyone up untill AUG 2001 when it came
back 3 times as big and strong and still as nasty as ever !
and my parents don't even know about it ! Know one in my
family knows !!!only let me count 5 people know ! and now
steph is like " tell me please ! It can't be that big of a
deal ! " and I was like " YOU HAVE NO CLUE!!!! NONE AT
ALL!!!! " and she just keeps bugging me about it ! and it
is just really making me crazy ! I wish she would understand
that it is like the last thing she would think of and I can't
just say it . Cause it takes me a long time to explain and
say because usually it makes me cry !! And I DON'T CRY !!
so yea ! What else ?? Oh tomorrow I go to CEDAR POINT !:)!
It will be such a blast! haha ! Has anyone heard the new
song by Brittany Spears ?! ITS SOOOOOOO BAD !!!
I have NEVER and I mean NEVER heard anything so bad !! I
don't like her to begin with and her newest song " slave "
is such crap !! URG she sucks so much ! What else hmmmm ?!
OH if you are wondering about Adam I haven't talked to him
in so long! I think he is mad at me anyways ! I don't
do anything right ! NOT REALLY I usually do most stuff right!
Today I learned how to write my name in Japenese. How cool is
that ?! Its so fun ! Hmmm what else ?! Oh I don't
know whats happening with Chris and that upsets me ! I haven't
seen him for like 4 days !! Is it me or did the week go by
really realy FAST !?! I swear it was just Monday yesterday !
I finished my book today ! IT WAS SO GOOD !!!!!!! OMG IT WAS
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha ! Oh the quote for today is
"All of us are sometimes in the gutter. . . its just some of us
choose to look up at the stars ." theres the quote ! Please take
it to heart ! I gotta bounce !
Catch ya later !