the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
2001-10-12 19:10:40 (UTC)


mood - sooooooo annoyed, nearly as much in fact more than
the other day :(((

music - david grohl, tiny dancer

ARRGGGGHHHHHHHHH i think im about 2 kill someone. I really
do. Gimme asama bin laden, he'll do. i need 2 take my
anger out on sumthin!!!

u know how much i hate the skirt girls? well, i thought
that 2 of my supposed best frinds, lets call them ummmmm
tarot and ushess, did too. we have had numerous convos
about how we all hate em and how they stupid etc etc etc,
well, i just saw the skirt girls on their way 2 the bus
station...2 get a bus...2 meet tarot and ushess, so they
can all go out 2 dinner 2gether!!!!! of course they fecking
hate them, thats why they want to lunch with them. god i
hate two faced people. why do they have 2 lie to me??? why
not just tell me theat they like the skirt girls? i wont
like em any less, in fsct, ill like em a lot more because
at least they are BEING HONEST... a figment seemingly
unknown to the people around me. im hopefully going on
holiday on monday...go i need kt...2 get away from all this
crap in my class...i just wanna go. o yeah, i dont fancy
chasey lain anymore, i fancy bart man. i think i called
that guy chadsey, didnt i? o well. but im back to bartman.