*Cassies Mind* (oO scary!!)
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2001-10-12 16:08:07 (UTC)


Well, in about two hours I'm going to Danis. We'll probably
be bored like always and play with the guys. I feel so bad
for Camden. He thinks it's his fault his parents are
getting a divorce. I just wish he wasn't so sad...Dani said
she had never seen him cry like that =( well anyways! I
like Graham but he has a gf..& Camden likes me...I like
Camden too but it would be weird since they are best
friends....Dani and I are going to the mall tomorrow. I
hope Carl doesnt go. He is so mean to me because he knows
it gets on my nerves! He told Dani he wouldnt be mean to me
for a week..We'll see!