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2001-10-12 15:10:06 (UTC)

Can u keep a secret?

I've been thinking a lot lately.

Some of my intense thinking occurs at night when lying in
bed. I can't seem to remember all that was thought up, so I
set out to keep pen and paper near my nightstand. If an
interesting thought pops up about boys, life, mysterious of
sex, what not, I try to pen it down...otherwise, it's gone
forever. It's like early Alzheimer or something...
Anyways, one of the things that has been on my mind constantly are
crushes...what is the true meaning of a crush? What are its
symptoms? How long do they last max? I already stated that
I had a crush on my biggest enemy, Scott H, but that can't
be true cause he's my enemy! I already told you about Rob
(ssiigghh...) Can you have a crush on material items? For instance,
I have a crush on Godiva Chocolate Truffle ice cream. Oh my
god...that stuff is heaven.
What about someone's writing? Can you fall hoplessly in
love w/ the way someone writes?? See, I've developed a crush
on Verger's diary entries, but could never tell him that
cause he'd think I was some frickin psycho.... What about
the same sex? Can you like a girl, but yet, not be gay? Is
this possible?? Hmmmmm. Im so curious...hey, feel free to write me if
you think you have any answers...