2001-03-07 03:45:17 (UTC)

well uni has been pretty good..

well uni has been pretty good today. i'm currently sitting
in the private computer lab with my friend tristan - he
gets in cos he does some weird design graphic course and
i'm here cos the other labs are full up. had a class at
campbelltown this morning - god that's a bugger of a drive -
but the class should be really interesting - just gotta
make sure i study plenty and keep up to date cos this guy
moves on like the world's gonna end. drove back to
bankstown - tristan was late so i lined up to get some
textbooks - course they didn't have half the ones i need so
lucky i'm going back to campbelltown on friday. gotta get
out of work though - that's gonna be tricky - maybe i
should try and appeal to their humanity and kindness - ha!
let's face it if you work at star city casino you've
already sold your soul to the devil many times over...
anyway - 2 books cost me $103 (that's with a discount as
well), lucky the stupid bank gave me a credit card the
other week otherwise i couldn't get em for a week or more
and i really need them. after interpreting and translating
in an hour or two i'll prolly have more to buy as well.
better go tristan's trying to read over my shoulder