I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-10-12 13:38:34 (UTC)

Last night

I stayed up way too late last night talking to a friend
online. I only managed about 4 hours of sleep, but I'm in a
great mood! I was talking to this guy, and showed him the
picture I show everybody, the one of me and Nikki and Frank
as the evil fox from Pinnochio (does anyone remember his
name? the one who turned Pinnochio into a donkey boy? odd.
Pinnochio was not one of my favorite Disney movies. I loved
Mary Poppins and Bed Knobs and Broomsticks the best) and
this guy told me that I was gorgeous! And he really meant
it. It was such a boost to my self-esteem which has been a
bit on the low side lately. He said that I was funny, and
smart and although he hadn't seen me, prolly good looking
as well. I was going to prove him wrong, but he thought I
was model material. I know that I'm not model material, but
it was so nice being complimented. I haven't been recently,
and it was such a nice change. I'm in such a good mood
today, even though I only had 4 hours of sleep. I'm not
looking for an internet boyfriend or anything like that, I
want someone here who I can hold, but still. I'm glowing.
It was just such a nice thing to say. I can't get over it.
It's about time someone noticed what an all around
beautiful person I am, inside and out. It was great!

On top of that, tomorrow, I am taking Carson (who is 6) to
a rollerskating birthday party so that his mom can paint
her living room. I love Carson! What a great kid he is! I
remember one time when his parents asked me to babysit for
him and I said sure, but I had a bunch of errands to run,
did they mind if he came with me? They said sure, just be
carefull (Carson was probably 3 or so at the time). I
bribed him with a Happy Meal from McDonalds, and then took
him to Home Depot, and to the oil change place where we had
to sit for about half an hour and then to the library and
some other places. We had a really good time together. As I
was driving him home, he turned to me and said "I'm gonna
tell my mom that I had a really good time with...........
what's your name again?" I started laughing so hard that I
had to pull over. How funny is that?!? He was 3, what could
I say. But he's great. I'd babysit him for free, so being
paid is a bonus!

Wow, I'm in a really good mood. Even though I'm at work
(kinda) and was late getting here and will be here all day
until 5:30pm. Yay for me!! Yay for that guy who told me I'm
beautiful! I am beautiful damnit!!