Ashley's Such a Girl
2001-03-07 03:24:21 (UTC)

Hey, it s Ashley. Katie (my..

Hey, it's Ashley. Katie (my best friend forever) was sick
2day. :( Mitch (my hugest crush) is just sooo hot!! :)
Anyways, I should list my vitals.........

Brittany (not that good of a friend, someone to talk to
during Ms. Jaco's art class)
Mitch (hottest guy ever!)
Todd ( another cutie that broke his arm at the roller
skatin' rink)
Andy (Lauren's b/f)
Nate (Andy's friend, been causin' sum trouble)
Alex (biggest dork with the biggest crush on me ICKY!)
Reminder: Obviously not all these peeps are like good
Josh: Katie's Ex, in seventh grade. (we're in 8th)
Craig: Josh's older bro., in our grade

Ohio Stake: Rollerskating rink where most of our fri.
nights are spent!

Okay, back 2 life! Mitch's locker is next 2 mine (pure
luck!)and katie's is on the other side of mine, next to
hers is todd's, small world!?!? Lauren's is a few down from
todd's. Don't know why I said that, just did I guess. Oh, I
should mention that Mitch has a crush on gina, but Gina
would never date him 'cause we're like sis's. Um... Oh,
Katie's parents are split up, getting a divorce. Really
weird since I've known her since kindergarden, it almost
feels like my parents are spliting up! (her family is like
my 2nd family) What else?? Oh, i'm signing up for softball
tomarrow, we'll have to see how that all works out. Oh, I
got the greatest pc game in the world, The Sims! :) :)
Um... oh, I forgot to mention Paul, doesn't go to our
school but dated jenny and katie and then got a crush on
some guy! ewwww!! N E ways, he still thinks gina wants to
date him! Yeah right! Some people have no brains I swear!
Um. got midterm, all A's! yippe! Oh, I have to babysitt for
little brats across the street fri., totally ruining my
weekend really. Everything ALWAYS happens on Fridayz.
THat's the happin' time i guess. I can't wait for summer.
Oh, I'm in Choir too. It's getting late and this is really
long! 'night, I'll try and write tomarrow!
-Love Ashley

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