ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-10-12 13:28:16 (UTC)

Hamster's running, but the wheel's not spinning.. :)

I just had some friends over.. and my friend P made me
laugh and laugh.. Don't you just love nights like that?

She told me something that made my day.. here it is.. :)

She was with a friend, driving in town late one night..
hardly any traffic around.. and they saw a car speeding up
behind them.. and she could hear police sirens too...

So she urged her friend to pull over.. and let the police
cars pass.. it was all quite frightening..

So they pulled over, and the car sped past soooo fast.. and
then in quick succession.. three police cars sped fast..
lights flashing, sirens screaming..

And.. lol this is the best bit.. my friend P says to her
friend.. "Gee, you'd think they would pull over and let the
cops pass!! Some people are so disrespectful!"

lol ...

Still laughing..

Juju x