random mumblings
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2001-10-12 13:11:44 (UTC)

haven't written in a while...

the days go slow and the weeks go fast (i firmly believe
that). i've been having these really vivid dreams lately
(which if history has taught me anything (and it hasn't)
means there's a big change in my life happening) :) jesus,
i'm ripping off homer (the cartoon natch not the poet) "if
the Bible has taught us nothing else (and it hasn't) it's
that girls should stick to girls' sports, such as hot
oil wrestling and foxy boxing and such and such." lol i
dreamt last night that i was sweeping and i found
cockroaches! well they were black bugs, and i don't know
what cockroaches look like but i assumed they were
cockroaches. maybe that's a hint from someone above that i
need to clean my room :p we'll see. went to play chess
last night...kicked ass with the caro...here's a hint for
all the chess players out there...if you win a game don't
throw it into fritz...it will pick apart your tactics and
chew them to shreds. throw your *losses* into fritz so you
can see that your opponent didn't always have a won
position and that you could've saved yourself
tactically :) so i've decided i'm moving up in the
world...i've decided to teach myself how to program Visual
Basic. sure database programming isn't the *best* thing in
the world, but it could be worse...i could be a phone
monkey :) gotta go install my s/w....take it easy


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