aris' thoughts
2001-10-12 13:09:26 (UTC)

thanking Mistress

spending time with Mistress yesterday (more on phone than
online)was so comforting to me. relaxing and even relieving
for it had felt like so many days had passed with not
having quality time with Her. W/we still dont know the
exact results of Her test but do know that they found She
is a good candidate for the surgery. waiting on the exact
date of this ohhhh She let me know that there is a smaller
surgery She will need before the big one and it will
require Her to stay over one night. i know its only one
night but i think the thing that bothers me most about this
is i guess i have a huge fear of surgery and being put to
sleep for any reason. i wish i could just pack a bag and
leave to be there by Her at hospital and at home to help do
things for Her. on the good side of this i know She needs
this to be healthy and will make Her feel so much better
not to mention after surgery and healing She is planning on
coming to visit me!! *big smiles* at that thought.

every thing is well at home, the children are home from
school today on a staff development day and Mistress has
given permission for me to take them riding for a while
this morning. i have never taken them to the rock before,
for that rock has always been like sacred ground to me
being it was the one place i spent many many days with Mel.
i am curious to see the new skyline without the twin towers
and feel it could be a good learning experience for the
children. bob is fine still sore and whining like a he is not too sore to tease me about my Devils
being 0 and 2 now... fustration over hockey but its early
there are 80 somethng games in normal hockey season and
plenty of time for them to get their shit together. well
that is all for today.