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2001-03-07 02:58:37 (UTC)

3/06/01 9:24pm Someone has..

3/06/01 9:24pm

Someone has found me that I held dear to me in a past
life. This person came out of no where and I was scared at
frist to talk. Then I relized she didnt know what she was
doing cause she where under the same control I was! I was
set free mnths ago from the controler who had me fooled for
for awhile. this control called himself a friend,.. But he
lied and said he need to go away and when he left he took a
dear friend with him. He decided that she shouldn't talk
to me anymore and told them things that wasn't true about
me .It was to the point he had them believing this stuff
about me.... I was so sad and scared for him cause i
thought a my dear friend was in danger.
Well she came to me to say she left and didnt get a
chance to be let go, she want to say she was sorry for what
she has did but she wasnt thinking ,,, He has her fooled
and one day she seen him for who he was and he was no good!
We speak like we use to its very nice I missed her! But
its wierd cause mnths past and i have change so much and my
eyes have been open wide opened they have been.

I see him for what he is I see them all for what they are
and they are no good....we sit and talk about our past life
and i sit there saying to myself who was that person was
that me it dont sound like me dont look like me,,,, then i
read old letter and chat some more and relise i dont even
know myself,.... God i dont know who i was and i was this
person i never wanted to turn into.
I gave my life away for this person...I gave family and
freind and the most important thing i gave away was myself
from life. i wasted a year and when people ask where was
you ......I say i was here i was traped on aol under
control of someone i wished i never met!
God I was such a fool