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2001-10-12 12:04:08 (UTC)

The end of the road

theres this song i listen to when i am down, it makes me
feel a little better. but today i dont think it will help
cheer me up. its somewhere down the road.. "somewhere down
the road there will be answers to the questions , some
where down the road though we can not see them now,
somewhere down the road you will find mighty arms reaching
for you and they'll hold the answers at the end of the
road" I feel like helpless. Sonic is not talking to me.
I know there are so many things i wish to tell her now, but
doesnt seem that way . i think i am just gonna bow out.
what am i soppose to . I cant think straight .
damn i should be on be sleeping instead of here. but since
i started this yesterday i guess , i will stick with it a
bit. .. yeah .
confused, dilillsional, tears i cry , mythical
torn up the paper, erase my heart. the feelings i feel
nothing to them . amuse yourself with my defeat, the
timimng of this song complete rest your head apond the
pillow bed ..close your eyes.. feeling dead .. take a walk
inside my mind.. notrhing left..misfourtunes left.. trouble
is the mind i see .. niothing is as it should be

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