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2001-10-12 11:31:27 (UTC)

One More Day-Robert and I will each other

Dear Diary:

One more day and Robert and I will meet each other.
It is strange how some people meet each other.

Robert and I met through the MSNTV user group over at mental health groups Soul2Scream. It is a user
group where all the depressives meet.

I met Carolann and Christina over there as well.
I met Eric over there as well. He has disappeared

Christina and Carolann are over at
and use MSN as well.

I asked Robert to play hooky from work on November
16, because I want us to be together all that weekend. November 17 is his birthday.

Robert called me last night. Even though I asked
him not to because it would run up his phone bill.

Some of us meet via the computer dating network.
Some of us meet in single bars, but that is not
my scene. Some of us meet at church, but Robert
and I met through Soul2Scream, not to mention
Cupid played a role in all of this.

My first inhome pregnancy test came out negative.
But I must have taken it to soon. Like back in
1974. Then I was 2 months pregnant.

It has only been 12 days now. I will wait until
the end of the month to use the second one.
Or I will just make an appointment for an internal

That will tell me everything.

Well, I am out ofhere.

Love, AmericanIrishRose