A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-10-12 11:11:25 (UTC)

Here we go....

Well, the title pretty much says it all. I don't know how
often I'm gonna update this thing, but I'm gonna try for

Why am I joining the ranks of the journal people? Well,
I'm not so great at keeping in touch with people and this
is a great way for people to know what is going on in my

Here's the two major things right now.
My court case:
This is probibly the worst part of my life right now.
Here's the story.... About a month and a half ago, we (the
Rocky Horror cast I'm on) had some problems with the
theater we were performing at. Well, things got heated and
we quit. This was the product of many months of agravation
twards us by the owner of the theater, Z. As we are moving
our stuff out of the theater, Z's son, F, goes into the
office looking rather pissed off. F likes us and was even
dating one of the cast members. Well, F, comes out 10
minutes later and says "this is all A's (our director)
fault, because she's a crazy bitch." To which I
reply, "Say that again and you will die." F and I joke
around and cut each other all the time, this is normal
between us. Z races out of the office, pushes me to the
ground and starts strangling me. Well, to make a long
story short, we both get arrested. The cops come to me
first and say, "As far as we are concerned, you can both go
home right now. Do you want to press charges?" "It's not
up to me, it's up to him." is my reply. Well, of course Z
wants to press charges. He's sunk lots of money into
downtown Covington, bla, bla, bla.... Z thinks he can get
away with this with a clean slate, because he "owns the
cops in this town." Yes, he's said that on several
occasions. Well, my court day was a few days ago, guess
what... no Z. Guess what... they lost the paperwork and I
get a new court date. Yes, and Z gets a new one as well.
If he doesn't show up then, he gets a warrent out for his
arrest. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this.

Holloween/my b-day:
The two are so close to each other it's almost one big
holliday for me. This year is looking to be quite fun. My
b-day is on the 26th. The only real plan is to go down to
Pirate's Alley and drink the bar dry. On the 28th there's
a concert that I realy want to go to, more importantly,
TORI AMOS will be here on the 30th. I haven't seen her
live in years, I am so looking forward to that. Then on
Holloween day, The Damned will be at the HoB. I'm not sure
if I'm going to that, I'll probibly just spend the evening
at the Alley getting toasty. Yes, alcohol is my friend. ;-)