after bar
2001-10-12 09:12:41 (UTC)

Guess [email protected]

Guess what kiddies? You are about five minutes from
marriage. Each and every one of you is going to meet some
one and fall so crazily in love that you are going to think
that the next best thing is the rest of your life. And
while you file off in twos, double filed to some haven of
love and children and romance and bills and the george
forman grill and the homecoming dance and the day after
every day, someone else is going to be saying "I will! I
promise! I want that, too" and someone else will watch them
For those who don't partake? Even better. You get to talk
about sex at four a.m. with people who only have sex in
common with you. You get to wear clothes that look good on
16 year old pop stars, okay on you, and feel a little proud
that some greasy man named Petey looked you up and down and
down and up again. and then some of you will think of him.
The him. The Italian Stallion. Your Chase that your
boyfriend doesn't want to know about. That one guy who is
strong enough to make you disregard relality in cup sized
doses. The one who makes you think beyond the box of
wedding rings and favorite songs and colors of dresses and
hair dus long enough to think "I could never do that if I
could never do him again." Yeah, that guy. The asshole, to
most girls. To you, just a hobby. A fufilling fling who
reminds you that you are still alive today. You aren't
immature. You feel on feeeling and not on instinct. You
love this, but not him. You recognize his lack of
communication. You nod. But that? That was a surprise...a
boy that looks fat in clothes should not be sexy naked. A
boy with strong arms and a sexy voice, look at that ass.
Could you live a life knowing he was still out there
roaming around writing stories about not you...finding
other girls sexy...? not putting his hand on your knee. Not
telling you that he remembers the first time he saw you.
Not crooning lies into your mouth, while he wanders down
your body. Do you want the real thing? the thanksgiving
dinner with his family? the potpouri of his every day life
of putting on socks, rolling up his sleeves, hating
traffic, loving springstein, going to bed early? or do you
want to take the chance? have the fling. fantacise about
someone who makes your teeth sweat. Who makes you shiver
when he walks in to a room, someone who you
loooooooaaaathe. beyond belief. Makes you madder than mad.
Jealouser than jealous. Aroused more than a two bit porn on
a drunken saturday night.
Decide. One is easy. One is hard. One hurts, with one you
feel nothing but comradarie. Peace. exept from the mayhem.
But oh the one. the one will make you feel until another
makes you feel again. that's okay. you're young.
Don't say i do. say I will. with him right now b/c it feels
good. it feels fun to figure out. it feels new.