Writings On The Wall
2001-10-12 08:56:42 (UTC)

Frick -n- Frack

Today (well yesterday) was nice. I went out to dinner with
Rob and 3 others. We went to Olive Garden. I got the never-
ending pasta bowl with fetteccini alfredo. MmMmmMm. But the
dumb part is, if you get more than one helping and you
can't finish it, you can't take it home. WTF is that? They
give you breadsticks but you have to pay 2 dollars to get
sauce to dip em in. And it's not even a lot of sauce. That

I checked my old e-mail address today and Nacole e-mailed
me. She said I didn't write her back and asked what was
wrong. I e-mailed her back, hope she doesn't think I'm mad
at her cuz I'm not. I still love her but I don't wanna tell
her that because I don't wanna make things weird. She was
talking about her bf and all that and I'm the old gf. I
can't just bust out with "Hey babe, I still love you."
URGH! I hate feeling like this. Torn.

Loni got dumped and Justin got hurt :-(

Hopefully today will be better.


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