2001-10-12 08:32:27 (UTC)

missin who?

Friday 12 October 2001
1634 hrs

..I long to see the sunlight in your hair, and tell you
time and time again how much I care..

now dat we're apart, am i still in ur heart?

1. to drop or not to drop biology.
fuck me.

2. prom
to go or not to go prom. hassans on my tail.

3. stuffs...
i noe im like promisin everyone dat im deletin all the load
on my mind.. all and everythin abt relationships and yada-
yada.. but i just cant. i cant just leave behind everythin
and pretend. but u noe, me and her.. we've gone so far
apart. im seeing it like as if its a dejavu of sec 1 and 2.
what is wrong i dont noe. maybe its all just not meant to
be. its like bio.. wats de point of holdin on when u noe
its not gonna work out.. dats what dey say.. my heart tells
me believe in urself. de peak will come.. but its all
misery and confusion. i just want things to be normal. i
noe that its impossible.. but ... i dont noe..

we dont talk. we dont even look at each other. does she
hate me or something? am i an invalid of sorts? maybe its
all more complex den it seems.. i wish she would just say
something. off or on, its redundant.

........................lith out.