The Better Part of Me
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2001-10-12 06:41:55 (UTC)

Jim Beam

this is my first attempt to write in an online diary, so i
guess you could call me a virgin. its oddly entertaining,
but then again i am easily entertained.

Jim Beam, he is a good man. he doesn't complain and he
gets me drunk!! i guess you could call me a typical
college student, depending on your definition of "typical".
i go to class, i go to concerts, i smoke and i
party...alot. i have a good time, until i find out what i
did when i was drunk. last friday i downed a bottle of my
good friend in about 15 minutes and i blacked out exactly
at 9:53, i think. and i was told earlier today that i hit
one of my friends, which is totally unlike me. you see, my
friends are my world. i would do anything and everything
in my power for each and everyone of my friends. but im
not writing 'cause i feel guilty, 'cause everyone knows how
i feel and all that mushy stuff. im writing because
throughout this ordeal i found out that i have some bad ass
friends who will be there for me through everything. ive
given everything to my friends and have never gotten back,
until today, and it feels great. ive never wanted anything
in life except to have really good friends. ive come close
many times but somehow, some way, things got screwd up and
we had to move our seperate ways. now ive got some
friends who i know will be there for me. thanks.

O.A.R. rocks!!!!!