worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
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2001-10-12 06:09:13 (UTC)

just another day in paradise

Your voice commands me. i take a rubber band and hold it
taught against my inner thigh. At your word i pull the
rubber back as far as it will go and then let go feeling it
sting as it bites into my skin. "Again." i repeat the
act. "Harder." i pull the rubber band back further this
time and let it snap back. A welt is developing on my
thigh. "Other thigh now." i move the rubber band to my
other thigh and begin snapping the band fiercely into my
tender flesh. Countless times. "Now your tits." i vary the
placement of the rubber band to the sides of each of my
tits then the tops and bottoms, not moving from one place
until a nice red welt has formed. It stings so badly and
tears are running down my face. You laugh. It hurts but i
continue. Finally, "stop."

Your voice commands me anew. i attach my nipple clamps and
hang weights from them; they stretch my tits down. "Lift
the weights to the level of your tits, then let go." i
obey. i lift the weights up about 18 inches and drop them.
Pain rips through my body and i almost drop to my
knees. "Again." i drop them again. Another wave of
pain. "Again." Fire runs through my tits. Over and over
until my arms are shaking so badly i can barely lift the
weights up. "Stop."

Your voice commands me anew. My hands are cuffed behind me
as i straddle a make-shift dildo. It is huge, prickily, and
attached to a long pole. "Down." i bend my knees and the
painful contraption enters my pussy, slowly at
first. "Harder." i bend my knees more quickly until i feel
like i am being ripped apart. "Up." As i stand i feel the
rough material scratching me raw inside until i stand just
above the tip of it. "Down and up, all the way, fast." i
comply. It feels like razors are fucking me. "Again,
faster." i obey, repeatedly, wishing to stop but knowing i
will always obey your commands. The torturous cocks fucks
me raw as you laugh at my pain, knowing i love it. "Stop."

Your voice commands me anew. i apply the icy-hot gel to my
tight little asshole. "Now begin the paddling." i raise the
wooden hairbrush and bring it down hard upon my left ass
check. Then the right. Left. Right. "Harder." i obey. As
the paddling continues i feel the gel setting my tender
hole on fire. My face cringes as i paddle myself harder and
harder. "Apply more gel, to your clit now and nipples." i
apply more gel and resume my spanking. The gels burns my
most sensitive areas as i punish my bottom viciously with
my own hand. Again i am crying. Again laughter. "Stop."

Your voice commands me anew. "Kneel." i kneel before you
naked. "Suck." i begin sucking, kissing, licking your cock.
When you are ready you pull back and shoot your cum all
over my face. i know it will not be washed off, except
perhaps by my own tears. You laugh at my degradation. At my
humiliation. i have tortured myself at your mere word and
this is my reward. Thank you.