A Dream Gurlz Life
2001-10-12 05:42:49 (UTC)


Tonight was the Family Vaules concert in Cleveland and OMG
did it rock! The bands were, Dadsy (?) Static-X Linkin Park
*oh yeah baby* Stained and Stone Temple Pilot. I went with
Lori and we had so much fun! We had pretty good seats too!
We took a lot of pictures and bought a t-shirt. Pretty
kewl! Lori and I also got hit on by this guy who was like
40 and was divorced w/a kid or w/e and he was kinda
creepy. He wanted our numbers so he could hook us up to
meet linkin park *yeah right* so lori gave him a fake
number and he gave us his cell and told us to call
him...like we actually are lol he kept saying he liked
young pretty girls since his divorce, yeah thats asking to
be raped lol THen we were sitting next to these two guys
during the concert and the one kept giving me really messed
up looks. It was funny though, I talked to his friend,
Kevin and the one giving me the weird looks was Jeff. They
live in canton and kevin's 16, jeffs 17 lol just some
facts. Like kevin would radomly say things to me or w/e it
was kinda funny Then like more than half way through the
concert Jeff convinced Kevin to switch seats with him so he
was now sitting next to me. I could see out of the corner
of my eye he was staring at me lol So he'd try to talk to
me and all *rolling eyes* then like i bent over to fix my
shoe or something and my pants are kinda big and my shirt
was tight and Lori told me that Jeff was trying to look
down the back of my pants! FREAK! Towards the end of the
concert he was sitting extremely close to me lol it was
funny loris like ask him on a date hed probably flip haha
then like Her brother came to get us cuz they were ready to
leave so i told him bye so he'd let me out of the aisle and
hes like "you're leaving? why" lol I'm like i have to and
he acted sad and just said bye, great tiems i'm telling you
haha Linkin Park so kicks A$$!!!!! GOood times! Well i'm
going to go for now ttyl bye