ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-10-12 04:59:43 (UTC)


Camming is cool..
Camming is fun..
step back a little..
now show us your bum! :) heheh

Yeah, I'm in a creative mood. Should put these talents of
mine to use writing this overdue speech.. instead of
writing silly ditties in here.

Ergot, let me say.. I get nervous on cam.. but I do love
it. But for someone with lots of inhibitions.. I do alright
don't I? ;) I know I move a lot.. and only open the door a
crack.. and don't move back far enough.. etc etc But I
have fun.. I enjoy it. :) Hope you do too..

Old buddy, old pal.. lol *friendly biff on arm..* :)

lol I'm giggling..

So you think you can have your cake and eat it too...

hmmm we'll see about that.. :)

Random thoughts.. randomly written..

Let's have a camathon.. this weekend.. :) I shall have to
do my utmost to either a) borrow the cam, and get rid of
the bbm from the house for a night.. lol b) go to the
beach house one night, and get my bro, snaggy shaggy and
the bbm to go out for awhile.. c) buy a cam (but with no
money.. ) which leads to.. d) steal a cam. :)

I think.. considering my bro's current growing love affair
with camming (smutting as he puts it.. lol) I have
buckley's chance of borrowing it..

so maybe b) is my option. Hmmm I shall have to plan.

I only cam with you ergot. :) You're the only one I want to
flash my breasts at.. lol

Hey did you like my tatts? a not i ;) Okay, well a and
i.. lol

I feel tipsy.. and I haven't even been drinking.

Better go plan what's happening tonight.. gotta ring the
girls.. then the guys. And get somethign happening. I want
some fun. :)

Come to Antipodea ergot.. I want you to soooo much. :)

Juju x

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