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2001-10-12 04:51:20 (UTC)


to the person who sent me this feedback,
i appreciate it a lot.

"well thanks for the advice.ill try and get happy. but
things dont always go as planned.:)"

and here is what i wrote in reply:


thankx for ur feedback!
i wish u happiness!
and if ur life seems to be in a chaotic state right now,
i hope everything will be fine again.
so have some fun for a while.
don't worry, ur problems will still be there after u've had
ur fun.
but that sure beats being down and being totally negative
about ur situation, that doesn't solve ur problems either,
so, go get crazy for a while...but keep ur sense about u, k?
no use getting urself into more trouble.
im so preachy, right?
i know, sorry.
i'll stop now.

feedbacks may be trivial stuff, but it sure carries a mean
punch to someone's mood. and i just luv getting feedbacks.
so hit me again, will ya?

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