inside my mind
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2000-11-10 21:50:37 (UTC)

11/10/00 today is friday...

today is friday. (Heute ist Freitag!)I love being able to speak
German. hehe. Geeerrrrmmmaaaannn. heh. i crack myself up way to much.
ok. if anybody is reading this you must be like woooaaahhh.....shes
psycho. but nope im just your crazy ass 15 year old girl. I live in
Delaware, i go to A.I. High School. I love it there. sort of. its
kind of ghetto. There are a lot of black kids that go there..and
don't get me wrong, im not racist at all, i have a black bro-in-law.
but that many black kids intimidate me. a lot. i get scared if i see
like 5 black guys even walk in my direction but there are a lot of
people that think like that...i hope. (knock on wood) i love hot
chocolate. it just makes me feel really good. at least for a while.
hot red zinger tea does that too. I know a lot of people might be
like wow...delaware, huh? that sure is a small state. but there are a
lot of places to go, well sort of. anyway. if you live in California
or texas....geeeeeze...those are some big states. i am quite
comfortable with Delaware, thank-you. Anyway, i am about 5 foot 11
inches. i have blue/green eyes, they change with my emotions and
such. And i know that if any guys are reading this they might think
that im gonna tell you my bra size....well....nope, get a life. sorry
i don't mean to sound bitter but this is my journal thingy. And i
don't want to hear any porno music to start playing while i write
this. heh. that would be funny as hell is some did start up though. I
am in the marchnig band i play the flute and piccolo. and outside of
band i also play the piano and i would really like to learn the harp
and violin. and right about now you are thinking oh, great shes a
band nerd! but wait, im not. trust me. the marching band at my school
is full of punks, preps, druggies, dealers, some nerds(no not
including me), and a few almost rare..normal people. My best friend
is Heather. I love her dearly. I don't know what i would do if
something bad happened to her. She is a sophmore like me. She is
currently going out with a Senior at my school, she goes to newark
high, and its cool cause i hooked them heather and her
first ever boyfriend, Matt, broke up because he got to be an ass hole
and she was supposedly not being the right kind of girl for him. oh,
well he is an ass and she didn't realize it at first but she sure
does now. She told me yes i loved him and i still have memories of
him, he taught me how to love he also taught me how to hate. I still
remember her saying that. I hope what he deserves come to him very
quickly. and Phil(heather current boyfriend) just got out of a
serious relationship as well. he was going out with a girl named Liz,
she is wierd and thats all i gonna say about that, and so now they go
out cause they met each other through me at a football game at newark
(a.i.'s band was there)and so now im good friends with phil too. I
kinda had a crush on him but its gone and now i can only think of him
as a friend. I feel a dawsons creek thing coming on....NOT!!!
heeeheee. ok. well. there is a ton of other things i wanna say but
thats gonna have to wait till another rainy day(that rhymed...its not
really raining and i won't be able to wait till it rains to write
more) bye bye....Auf Wiedersehen! -E

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