All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
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2001-10-12 04:14:48 (UTC)

interesting night

i just got back from a hardcore show. it was so intense.
i saw the hope conspiracy, thursday, everytime i die, no
warning, and death threat. thursday was the only band i
knew all the lyrics to so i jumped into the pit and
screamed my head off. i've never been in a real pit and i
must say it was interesting. basically, i took a shoulder
to the chin which made me bite my lip and make it bleed. i
also got gouged in the eye. isn't that wonderful? somehow
its gratifying to scream at the top of your lungs and be
beaten to a blood pulp. there really is a feeling of unity
amonst the "violence." every dollar of each merchandise
sale went toward helping victims of the towers. in
previous entries i've talked about my disgust for the
action that our gov't is taking against afghanistan. i
despise the bombings and could just as well relate them to
our sickening use of the atom bomb in ww2. the lead singer
of thursday said exactly what i have been feeling all this
time. those guys rock. well i am dirty and smelly so i
must go take a shower. goodnight ya'll!

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