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2001-10-12 04:09:13 (UTC)


Well, tonite didn't turn out to be that bad. Me and Dee
went downtown and walked around. We ran into a lot of dudes
who tried to "HOLLA" at us. I guess it was like that
because we were of the few black females out there. It was
a trip though because some dudes came up to us, and you
could tell that they had been drinking. One of them tried
to hug me, but I pushed his drunk ass away. They were cool
though because they had us laughing. Overall, it was
straight. I've realized that I'm an outgoing person. I
mean, I knew that but as time goes on...the more un-shy I
get about talking to people first. Just wish I wasn't so
hesitant to talk to Leroy the way I talk to everyone else.
Well, Leroy is the past...can't be worried about that right
now. Well, that was my nite in a nutshell. It was cool to
just hang and meet new people...and laugh of course! I hope
tomorrow is just as good as tonite was....*J*

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