Precious Tears

Rippling Mirrors
2001-10-12 03:51:01 (UTC)

Damn Rite

i'm so damn cranky rite now, cause i have a fever and i
can't stand the people around me! omg, im so high on
tylenol and my fever isnt even gettin any better!...i wish
i was home, lyin in front of the tv with a blanket and wat
not...but no im stuck here at college, i have to act all
grown up and stuff and people all like "whats wrong with
u?"...wats wrong with me?! my head feels so heavy and
everything hurts and u wonder wats wrong with me?! u stupid
freak, im sick!!! omg, just leave me alone!!! and then
there are the ones that r like, "ur not acting like
urself"...damn rite im not cause my minds all fogged up
from gettin high on tylenol, which isnt even helping and
damn it, i cant even find the song i wanted to dl!!! wat
the hell?!!!....but now lin is trying to find me the
song...wel shes findin it for her, but im somewhere in
there too...and she has the nerve to IM me and act like im
doing something wrong?! outta no where, shes like ur
different, ur weird, ur nuts, ur blah, and u know wat? I AM
BLAH!!....everything else is her own paranoia...and lin, if
i changed so much, then y am i acting like this??...DING
DING DING...cause i didnt change, im still me, ur still u,
aimee is still aimee, and roopa is...well shes not the same
no more, but i ammmmmmmmm meeeeeeeeee and u rrrrrrrrrrrr
uuuuuuuuu, and u got problems, and im one of them, but ur
my problem too, so u need to just walk into a door or
somethin and realize that we are just as much the best of
friends we were when i hit u in the face with ur birthday
cake...yup yup....yea okie, so now me feeling
better:)...only one thing left to say....OMG I HATE THE
GUYS AT $$$$$$ University!!!! im tired of trying to get the
good ones...AHHH!!!.....o yea, i love u lin, u my bestest
friend in the world:) WO AI NE:)