2001-10-12 03:28:43 (UTC)

Going Off in Two Directions

This morning John and I went to do our grocery shopping in
Eugene. We went to Fred Meyer's and used their buy one, get
one free coupons to get milk and then went shopping at
Costco. When we were unloading, however, I forgot that I
hadn't bought any butter. It's very expensive now, four
dollars a pound at most stores, but about ten dollars for
four pounds at Costco. John went back to get it while I
unloaded the groceries in the van. I noticed he was taking a
long time coming back but that's because he'd also bought
four bottles of sparkling cider for Thanksgiving and
Christmas and a HUGE box of milkbone biscuits for Shep. He
made me promise not to tell Shep. "Shhhhh....this is his
Christmas present." (Note: After we got home I saw the box
in his shop and it had already been opened.)

We headed for the day-old bread store and bought 10 loaves
of white bread for the boys for $5 along with an assortment
of breads for John. We also bought a half-cart of animal
bread for $2.50. We feed this to the sheep but first we go
through and see if there's anything good for us in there.
There was today. A loaf of apple strudel bread with an
original price tag of $4.99. The first ingredient listed was
apples and John described it as apples wrapped around a
little bread. Gavin figured the original price was 36 cents
per slice. Good stuff!

Then we went to the credit union to get the title to the
van. John had paid it off last month but we hadn't yet
picked up the title. The van is in his name only right now
but, as he told the clerk, "I bought it for her as a gift,
so her name should be on it too." He gave it to me on
Valentine's Day, 1998. A candy-apple red, 1998 Town and
Country LX van. I still love driving it.

We both took naps in the afternoon. We are getting old.

Then I watched the news and listened to President Bush, made
dinner and ate it and off we went to Corvallis at about
6:30 p.m. We saw Owen for a few minutes and I brought him a
piece of blueberry pie. We went to the Fred Meyers and
bought four more gallons of milk. We also went to the
library. Alas, only a few of my reserved books were in and
none of them are novels. Drat! I guess I'll just have to
be patient longer.