the lilfe of a very confused person
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2001-10-12 03:19:14 (UTC)


well today was a good day i quit smoking and it wasnt
really that hard i saw sara today she is one of the
people i like of the two, well i could talk to her she was
getting on her bus but i yelled to her but she diditn
respond i guess she coulnd hear me or what not. but
agh whatever. i have really bad grammer.

well im glad i have good friends that i can trust, have
good friends and you will have a good life. hey christy if
your readin this im glad i have you to talk to you are a
person i think i can tell stuff to.

tommorow i think im oing back to school at least i
might. this entry might be a little small i dont have much
to talk about but... im sitting here listing to ja rule good
stuff.... well oh there is this one thing i can get off my
chest .. i was arrested the other week for going in to a
school. man did that suck the whole thing it was so
scarry i dont know what to do it all happend so fast i
regret it all i should have never done that shit before.
well i put my mom through hell she had top pay 300 for
bail and 750 for a lawyer. at it in all i got 2 years
prohbation and 4 weekends of community service and
all charges dropped. AGGGGGHHHH i should have
never gone out. now in school for the first cupple of
days it was hell every one knew about it every one was
commin up to me confrunting me about it it was hell..
well i gtg so ill talk more later possibly tonight bye

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