All in the Night
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2001-10-12 03:12:09 (UTC)


I actually had a fairly good day today...nothing really
happened, I took a test on Hamlet. Yay-rah! Umm...went to
work...ok Ali is hot...right Sarah? Ok so then we got off
and sat around and made plans b/c we're taking Andrew out
for his birthday tomorrow.. Uh oh, the big 1-6. Ok so you
won't be a man... Lol, we'll consider you a guy now....not
a boy. Umm...Sarah and i bought matching plaid thongs
(hence the title). La-di-da-di-da... Btw, i love how
people like to pry into my personal life. I mean if i
wanted my business to be known to everyone, i'd just post
it here...i mean damn, everyone reads it anyywas. Ok i
really don't have anything to say anymore