Destiny Silence
2001-10-12 02:41:38 (UTC)

October 11, 2001

Hmmm, first page, what should i write?:) Well, ummm there
is much i like to say i guess. lol. then again maybe not. I
AM TIRED~! Tomorrow gotta go to the design exhibit with
Jackie. But ima have to meet her up at the gallery. Hope
the weather is nice, cuz i dun wanna worsen mah cold that i
already have.

Nothing new happen today. Not really. Well, the classes are
fine. This girl name Linda ask if we would like to be in an
asian organization. I was like sure. hehe. Jackie said she
wasn't asian. Of course, peepz thinks she looks like one.
Me and JG spend most of the morning at the student center.
We talk about guys. Nothing you (meaning da guys) need to
know. :)

Well, let see . . . hmmm . . .

I'm wondering about my friends. I wonder how they are
doing. Although, I know they have changed. I mean lately,
when i talk to them . . . i can tell they are different. I
guess because we're going to college, meeting new people,
doing other things and taking a step forward. There are
times i wish things could be the way they were. However;
that is impossible. Time doesnt wait, it goes on and on as
it pleases. I guess it's normal to feel like you wish you
were living in the past, where everything you knew was
around you.

There are times when i get this feeling that one of them
are being distant. The one whose being distant is close to
me. I told her she changed, but that's all right with me. I
mean i'm still her friend and everything. I guess it's kind
of hard to let go of something, and be afraid that it will
disappear out of your life forever.

Hmmmm . . . I am going to write a poem, while listening to
this song by sammi cheng. It's call I wanna fly, I wanna

Across the far mountains,
over the sapphire horizon. . .
The sun slowly sets,
as the ray of light becomes the color of miracles.

I'm standing on the cliff,
closing my eyes and feeling the breeze
hearing the soft sweet whispers of the sky
breathing in the cool air around me
and releasing my own fleeting spirit
as my heart gives away a secret
i've hidden for so long from the world and myself

Around me is the wind, mountain, and water
Above me is the universe and the sky
Below is the ground, dust, and soil
where mother nature creates and nuture life

Surrounding me is the need of freedom
To soar and to be one with the wind
TO feel my wings spreading about
TO feel the glowing warmth surround me
and to feel the comfort the wind could only give me

The secret slowly reveal itself into the air
Thankfully no one was able to witness it
or so i thought . . .

Releasing the turmoil i held for so long
I spoke to the wind and softly whisper the secret
the secret which my heart yearns that no one must know
the secret i wish to keep inside forever
till the least breath i take

Unfortunately, you were there to hear it all
and all i could do is run as far as I could
when i notice you close by . . .
You weren't suppose to know
You weren't suppose to hear
Now you know, i cant see you again
I'm sorry . . . but it has to be that way.

last part sucked i know:)