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2001-10-12 02:34:39 (UTC)

O WOW!!!

Screw my Britney Diary, this thing is uhh nice... NO, nothin
can compare to my britney diary, haha! Im way too cool. OK
well obviously I don;t wanna get too personal here since
this can be read by YOU. Right now i'm not in a "mood", i
find that i can express myself the best when i'm in a "mood"
which I so often am. LET ME JUST SAY THAT SCHOOL SUX!!! and
i dont mean it in the way that i usually do... it truly sux
badly this year! Everything sux pretty badly this year come
to think of it... GUYS--- I GIVE UP! not really, but things
are lookin hopeless like they are most of the time. I just
cant seem to get very close to many people )= It's that
"lack of confidence" thing i guess. i personally like
myself, and this is big cuz i havent liked myself in YEARS
and YEARS. I do have my insecurities though... TONS!!! Maybe
if i stop worrying so much things would turn around.. maybe
not. Nahhh. I just see everyone around me getting hurt and i
cant deal unless the guy is REALLY worth it, thats rare. im
not one to like ten guys at once or to get over liking
someone in a week then move on... i kinda wish that I was.
So, ive come to the conclusion that my personality sux!
That's gotta be it... right?

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