Inside me
2001-10-12 02:12:32 (UTC)

this was written a long time ago on a really bad night...I remember it going through my head when I was in the bath tub

right now i'm sitting in the shower
watching the blood go down the drain
why is it i give the man the power?
the water is dripping like hot rain
the steam is eating up inside me
i don't know why i like to feel pain
my skin is really turning whiter
i wish i wouldn't make myself insane
my head is pulsing like a heart beat
i'm so sick, i can barely see
so, i lay down in the shower
and let my body drift to sleep
now, i awaken not much later
i hear someone knocking on the door
so, i turn off the water
it take my towel and sleep on the bathroom floor

(c) 2001